Save Net Neutrality

Restore strong Net Neutrality protections, the bedrock of digital civil rights.

The open internet can be an incredible force for self-empowerment and social change for everyone from Black Lives Matter activists and Dreamers to startups and artists. But big ISPs want to control the internet to discriminate for profit and limit what users can see or say online.

To protect internet freedom, we need Net Neutrality — the principle that internet service providers should not be allowed to block, slow down or discriminate against legal content. In 2015, the Obama Federal Communications Commission heeded millions of public comments and passed strong Net Neutrality rules grounded in Title II of the Communications Act. But two years later, the Trump FCC repealed those rules.

Internet users deserve a full restoration of the 2015 Net Neutrality protections and legal framework, as well as an agency capable of enforcing them.

Starting points:

    1. Support the Save the Internet Act of 2019, already passed by the House of Representatives, which would fully restore Net Neutrality rules along with necessary Title II protections.

    2. Oppose legislation that would restore only a few bright-line rules without other important Title II protections for universal service and internet users’ rights.

    3. Appoint FCC commissioners who support strong Net Neutrality protections under Title II of the Communications Act.