Expose Media Harm

Acknowledge that our media system is built on a history of discrimination.


From the very beginning, our media system has fomented and capitalized on discrimination. As the Kerner Commission concluded in 1968, the media’s failure to portray the full humanity of people of color, and Black people specifically, has “contributed to the black-white schism in this country.”

Today, our media institutions and platforms continue to profit from airing bigoted views and feeding stereotypes. It’s critical that we acknowledge this history and seek accountability and solutions.

Starting points:

    1. Create an interagency task force to investigate the history of discrimination in our media system and in government oversight and regulation of our media.

    2. As part of this investigation, fund extensive study by academics from impacted communities into the history of discrimination in our media system.

    3. Seek robust public comment on the impacts of this discriminatory history.

    4. Produce a comprehensive report on discrimination in the media that draws on the public comments and government and academic findings, including remedies and policy proposals.