Broadband for All

To close the digital divide, make internet access universally affordable.


Millions of people in low-income communities and communities of color can’t afford to get online. This isn’t just a matter of building more broadband. While internet access is available to many low-income families, too often it comes with terms and prices they can’t afford. Facing negligible competition and no incentive to serve disenfranchised communities, broadband providers keep raising rates.

We need to take back the internet from these would-be monopolists to ensure equitable, universal and affordable access. The price of inaction, like the price of reliable broadband service, is too damn high. In response, the next president should pursue policies, create incentives, and invest the billions necessary to close the digital divide.

Starting points:

    1. Urge the FCC to terminate its 2017 proposals to gut the Lifeline program, which subsidizes critical communications services for low-income households.

    2. Support legislation to collect data on actual broadband prices and to make internet access more affordable for low-income communities and people of color.

    3. Support FCC authority to investigate and stop unjust and unreasonable practices and prices charged by internet service providers.

    4. Appoint FCC commissioners who understand the importance of promoting affordable broadband options.

    5. Establish a broadband-affordability tax credit to close the digital divide and invest $140 billion of general treasury funds in this effort.